Before You Rebrand, Be Mindful

When it comes time to rebrand, it seems like some elements take the backseat. Take social, for instance. Despite being part of day-to-day marketing efforts, these channels often overlooked when it comes time to focus on the big picture. Given that social channels are used frequently, found easily and offer help with brand recognition and SEO, it’s important to consider how these fit in with your new brand.

Here are four things to consider:

Survey the Scene – Don’t overlook the value of your existing following. Depending on the longevity of your existing brand, you should by now know your audience. Understand who they are, what they do and what attracts them to your existing brand. Is it your friendly, playful voice? The constant stream of helpful information and resources you put out? Industry insights? Use this to your advantage.

Inventory the Merchandise – This is an important one. Companies are usually in such a rush to launch their new brand that they forget about changing out their channels or creating new ones. Plan ahead and determine what channels need to change, what assets need to be created and who will be in charge of flipping the switch.

Manage the Change – Building off the last point, it doesn’t hurt to build out some content in advance. If you are launching new channels, feed the old ones for a few weeks before retiring the accounts for good. In addition, launch your new brand in a big way. Use pictures, videos and copy to illustrate what the change means. Let followers, new and old, know who you are and what your brand means to them.

Set Realistic Goals – Oftentimes, organizations think that getting a flashy new look means that their brand will somehow go viral overnight. This rarely happens. Be honest with yourselves. You know your resources, you know your timeframe, don’t get so swept up in the momentum of things that you overshoot and fall flat. Quality and authenticity reign supreme.

Keeping your brand current is part of world in which we live in. Taking the time to be mindful and consider how social fits your new vibe will save you from a last minute scramble to keep your channels relevant.