Generation Let’s Have a Carnival (But For a Good Cause): Managing the Millennial Workforce

It’s expected that by 2025 three quarters of the workforce will be made up by Millennials. And according to, well, almost everyone, we’re doomed as a society unless we change our ways, amp up corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and let their parents come to job interviews. Starting with TIME’s now iconic cover story, Millennials have been characterized as everything from narcissistic, entitled #Selfie artists to the most open-minded, innovative and socially responsible generation ever. The truth is most likely somewhere in the middle (or so I say, being on the Gen X/Millennial cusp myself).

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The Devon Group is delighted to be hosting this issue of the Carnival of HR, and to let the experts – including a few over-achieving Baby Boomers, a cynical Gen Xer or two, and some Millennials who were able to tear themselves away from cat videos long enough to blog – weigh in on managing the Millennial workforce:  

  • Karam Filfilan debunks Millennial myths and asks “What Do Millennials Want from their Employers?” to help companies get the most out of their relationships with this generation of workers.  The Changeboard blog tackles issues from loyalty to communicating meaning to help maximize productivity and promote a symbiotic relationship.
  • In “24/7 Communication Fuels Quarter Life Crisis,” global talent management strategist and career coach, Dorothy Dalton muses on current communication expectations and their potential impacts on performance. Her blog highlights generational differences as they relate to privacy, work/life balance, policing and more.
  • “Every generation was young once.”  BrandonHall Group’s David Wentworth deconstructs common perceptions of the Millennial workforce and warns against the dangers of conflating a generation with the technologies that they grow up with. “The Millennials Are Coming! (So What?)” offers sound advice for implementing learning strategies that leverage technology, avoid gimmicks and work across generations.
  • As Millennials change the face of the workforce, employers need to pay greater attention to gaps in their leadership pipeline. Check out “Minding the Talent Gaps” from Shawna Berthold on the Technomedia blog for tips on addressing this issue.
  • Millennials are magnificent! Or so says Ian Welsh on Civilization Simply Said.  In his blog, “How Can We Best Manage the Magnificent Millennials,” Welsh asks employers to embrace change and implement a management style that favors flexibility, recognition and training.
  • In her post on Flexible Work Solutions, Joanie Connell suggests Millennials tap into their reputation of being the most socially responsible generation yet to manage standing in the workplace.  Millennials: Your Reputation is Key” offers suggestions to help a generation that is often seen as self-centered build a positive reputation as the basis for a solid career path.
  • Where Do Loyal Employees Come From?” TMP Worldwide’s James Ellis outlines how external and internal motivations can be used to encourage great talent to stay – even if they are part of the always-ready-to-jump-ship Millennial generation.

And as the icing on this seven-layer cake of Carnival goodness, we bring you some additional off-topic blogs:

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And that’s a wrap! If you’re a hyper-connected Millennial, you probably didn’t make it this far, but we thank you for joining The Devon Group for this installment of the Carnival of HR, nonetheless. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates and blogs from our team.