Heard on the [HCM] Hill: GuideSpark

“Be the change you want to see” is attributed to Gandhi, one of the most inspiring leaders of recent times. This saying is aspirational at best, as most people, companies and countries find it impossible to keep their eye on the goal, day in and day out. That’s why it’s remarkable to find a business that is instrumenting change by doing something so fundamental and pervasive, you can’t help but applaud.

And applaud they did at GuideSpark’s recent industry analyst event. Held immediately after the company’s “Engage” client conference in San Francisco, the first GuideSpark analyst event welcomed the HR industry’s key influencers. While some of these events are politely sedate, this was anything but – the excitement in the room was palpable as ideas were exchanged, scenarios dissected and possibilities explored.

You see, GuideSpark is changing the way companies communicate with their workforces. Not just employees, not just about benefits, and not once a year. By leveraging custom videos and analytics, GuideSpark has demystified how to make sure workers have the information they need, when they need it. Sometimes the simple things are the most powerful and compelling.

Given its inaugural analyst event status, GuideSpark took the bold move of having their client Cameron – a Fortune 500 company – address the analysts. This type of open forum is usually reserved for the lumbering giants that have perfected the balance between what gets said to whom. GuideSpark’s open-book policy created raving fans and long-lasting relationships.

So, if one of your daily concerns is how to make sure your workforce reads what you’re sending to them, ban the boring emails. Call GuideSpark to bring your employee communications to life.