Heard on the [HCM] Hill: WorkForce Software

This party animal had the opportunity to visit Viva Las Vegas for WorkForce Software’s annual #VisionWFS client conference and analyst event. Thankfully, careful attention was paid to the venue selection. Held at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, there was nary a slot machine onsite. That made paying attention to the latest and greatest from WorkForce Software even easier!

First, it’s important to note that WorkForce Software was founded in 1999 so they have staying power that’s uncommon in the HCM space. Fiercely independent with an intensely loyal customer base, the company has lived the evolution from on-prem to single- and multi-tenant SaaS first-hand. Announced at Vision was EmpCenter 15.1, which features deeper functionality, KPIs, an improved UI and a new time clock solution, EmpCenter 4000. The announcement marks the new cadence for product releases, which will follow a more traditional SaaS schedule going forward, i.e., three releases per year.

Perhaps the biggest “wow” moment of the analyst event was the announcement that WorkForce Software will reimburse fees and penalties for clients who get fined for an incorrect calculation or regulation managed in EmpCenter. Only a vendor with the bench strength to stay on top of the local, state and federal legislative regulations impacting workplace time and labor rules could make this commitment confidently. This brings the compliance topic front-and-center, making WorkForce Software the workforce management vendor of choice for those enterprises seeking both a software provider and trusted partner.

Analyst Holger Mueller refers to the advent of “Compliance as a Service” (or CaaS) as having WorkForce Software at the forefront. We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to WorkForce Software for allowing us to support their analyst event, as well as participate in what was a day of spirited discussion and knowledge sharing.