I Am The “I” In Your Team

Public relations is a funny business. Our success is predicated on the success of others: our clients, their customers; the press, their viability of their publications. In practice, PR consists of internal and external teams, practitioners, professionals, officers and agencies. Influenced heavily by the ongoing influx of online channels and continued rise of social media and content marketing, PR adapts and as a discipline, we’re continuing to evolve. That’s because at the end of the day, our goal remains the same: we’re here to help.

As an agency, we operate as a one-stop shop for clients looking to bring their message to a larger audience. So when it comes to maximizing your relationship with your PR agency, remember that we see ourselves as part of your team. And for us to be all in, consider what that takes:

  • Choose Well – Don’t let anyone fool you, agencies are rarely one size fits all. Some are B2B, others B2C, some focus on non-profits, beauty, etc. Each has strengths and specialties and you need to find one that best aligns with your company. This means a partner that knows your market, understands your business and can effectively communicate your message.
  • Let’s Make a Plan – Since we’re not with you all day every day, let's spend some time together – in person, online or by phone. Discussing your desired outcomes means we can make them happen. Do you want to plan for the calendar year? Fiscal year? More media relations? Interested in awards? These are important questions to answer sooner rather than later.
  • Be Forthcoming – Show us your cards. This means your events schedule, content calendars, roadmaps, social media presence and anything under development. Know a journalist personally? Tell us! We work hard to keep ourselves in the know but even updating your website can have an impact on our efforts so please press send on everything you’ve got.
  • Use the Notes – We realize that staying actively involved with your agency takes time out from an already over-scheduled day. Keeping things well-documented by responding to emails, tracking changes and meeting regularly helps us understand the nuances of your organization and gives everyone a point of reference.
  • Patience Yields Results – In PR, results don’t typically happen overnight. It’s a marketing science takes time to build. Generating brand buzz and getting journalists and analysts familiar with your story takes time. Know that we’re behind the scenes talking to journalists, pitching you for story opportunities, setting up briefings and more.

The biggest thing to remember about working with a PR agency is that we’re here for your benefit. Treat us as you would any member of your team, from onboarding to prioritizing goals and measuring performance. We might not be there for birthday cake in the break room or the annual holiday party but we’re always out there cheering for your brand.