Marketing on the Go: 5 Apps to Download

Mobile marketing is growing increasingly important across channels and platforms, and app designers have been responding with some great programs to help propel you forward. Business doesn’t stop while you’re on layover, so why miss a beat? We’ve weeded through the masses and come up with the best apps for mobile marketing success anywhere and at any time.  

With social media being the go-to for just about everything, we find Buffer to be an extremely helpful scheduling platform. Buffer allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts from one dashboard. You can also monitor your accounts, schedule updates and create buffering patterns to send out content. Built-in analytics help you to track which posts have been the most effective, measure the success of individual messages and monitor your overall reach. It’s similar to HootSuite and Sprout Social but more mobile-friendly.    

Another great one is Nimble. While Buffer helps handle your social media management, Nimble helps you to manage your relationship with customers and clients. This app takes all of your channels, campaigns and contacts and puts them into one unified inbox. This reorganization is particularly helpful for improving contact management, tracking campaign activity, and listening in on social channels.

The next two apps are perfect for keeping your own ideas, tasks, to-do lists and files organized. Consider the Evernote app to be your digital notebook, where you can save noteworthy items now and sync across devices later. To-do lists, research projects, web articles and photos can all be stored here, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of a busy life. Dropbox comes standard with Evernote, and enables easy file-sharing and collaboration. Access your files on your smartphone or tablet, and edit them at will. You can also upload photos and videos, and share files that are too large for email.

And finally, the Feedly aggregator app helps you to stay on top of news sites, YouTube channels and blogs straight from your mobile device. You customize feeds to track your favorite websites, organize your most important content by topic and capture updates in real time. Connect with Buffer or Evernote for easy sharing or bookmarking for later use. 

Used together or collaboratively, any of these apps can improve your marketing efforts from anywhere and at any time. Figure out which apps fit your needs and your device and get moving.