Now Trending: Google+ Throws Down, LinkedIn Checks In and One Brand Melts Down…


There must be something in the air this week. From Google’s plan for world domination to LinkedIn’s ban on illicit professions, there is a LOT going on. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Google. Enough Said. – Just 10 short years ago, Google was a relatively unknown search engine startup. This week the company announced their plans to take down Spotify, Pinterest and PayPal – or at the very least, give them a run for their money. We are only halfway kidding. Included in this week’s announcement: All Access – an all-you-can-stream music service for $9.99 a month, Now - a Pinterest-like feature packaged in with some 40 other updates to Google+, and Google Wallet – enabling users to send money as an email attachment striking fear into the heart of PayPal. Internet geniuses everywhere can be heard sobbing softly.

LinkedIn – From somewhere Down Under, LinkedIn made a few big announcements at their recent conference. Namely, the ability to check in – seems simple enough, and yet, oh so important for recruiters and hiring managers lurking LinkedIn for fresh meat. Continuing to advance the social recruiting trend, LinkedIn also announced “multiple channels” – translation: you can follow broader topics that cross industries in order to stay on top of important news and trends. As for those in world’s oldest profession, LinkedIn just made a few changes to its privacy policy and user agreement that may of interest.

And finally, that awkward moment when you realize the whole internet is laughing at you and try to blame your epic meltdown on hacking. Whoops.